Fire Safety

Tuesday 11th December 2012

As Director of Continuous Professional Development at the BIID, I have arranged the latest lecture which is crucial for those in professional practice.

I, like many other designers, have gained our knowledge of fire regulations for buildings and furnishings over many years of experience. However, we can all do with a refresher especially as the regulations are frequently updated.

About the event:

Part 1 – Furniture is a deceptively complex product to specify with many factors that need to be taken into consideration, from the performance of the supplier company to the performance of the actual product. To ensure that the products you specify are suitable for the intended use, it is important that the correct factors are considered at the tendering stage, and that correct specifications are used.

During this session, Phil Reynolds, Chief Operating Officer of FIRA International, will focus on the importance of fire safety and UK flammability regulations when specifying furniture to ensure that the furniture is fit for the intended purpose.

Part 2 – Building Regulations and the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety Order) impose requirements on designers and end users to incorporate appropriate fire precautions in buildings.

During this session, Steve Cooper, Manager of Residential Projects, Butler & Young Ltd and a corporate member of the Association of Building Engineers, will provide an overview of how the Order affects end users and impacts on design, then focus on the requirements of Building Regulations that must be met during the design and construction process.

About the speakers:

Phil Reynolds is the Chief Operating Officer of FIRA International. He has worked within the BM TRADA Group since 2001, including holding the position of Principal Technical Manager at FIRA International, with responsibilities for research and consultancy services. Previously, Phil has led FIRA’s commercial services and testing teams.

Steve Cooper, Manager, Residential Projects, Butler & Young Ltd. and a corporate member of the Association of Building Engineers, has over 28 years of experience in Building Control. The first 17 years having been spent in various Local Authorities, the remainder in the private sector. He is a manager at Butler and Young Ltd, a role that involves carrying a significant amount of Building Regulation work. Steve has now completed in excess of 3000 projects that have varied in complexity.